About C. G. Gross:

Graphic artist and illustrator Christopher (C. G.) Gross began releasing electronic music
on Utility Recording (then a cassette label) in 1980 and received airplay in the
United States, Canada, and Europe. Utility went on hiatus in the mid-1990s, but Gross
continued to produce music and to collaborate with other musicians. Utility Recording returned in 2009
with the release of Gross' online mini-album Archangel and the CD "TRADEMARK PROJECT: Voltage".

(Gross eventually discovered that there were several other musicians who had the same name;
he began using his initials in order to avoid confusion.)


TRADEMARK PROJECT had its origin in the late 1970s as a visual project featuring
abstract and technological imagery. It was mostly inspired by logos, trademarks (hence the name),
and industrial design; it was also influenced by the work of artists like P. Wyndham Lewis,
Raymond Loewy, Edouardo Paolozzi, Vladimir Tatlin, and the Bauhaus school. The audio side of the
project was an attempt to find sounds and music that would have a common feel with the visual
material; this audio work soon ended up as the main focus of the project and ranged from
raw electronic sounds and tape collages to actual songs.


VOLTAGE, TRADEMARK PROJECT's debut album, focuses on the following elements:

Machine Rhythms
Sparse or Implied Melodies
Glitches and Found Sounds
Synthesized and/or Processed Voices


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