The Hosts of Wonderama

"Sandy hosted "Wonderama" for only one season. Sunday Afternoons: Sunday
September 25, l955 to Sunday, August 13, l956. Herb Sheldon (Not Sonny Fox) became
second host/performer on Sunday, September l6, l956.In fact, Herb was the first
host/performer to MC the show on Sunday mornings. Sheldon would host the show
until Sunday, August 3, l958. He left "Wonderama" and WABD-TV Ch.5 following a
creative dispute with station management. Bill Britten hosted the show from
Sunday, August l0, l958 to Sunday, December 28, l958. Britten was also the first
host/performer to tape his "Wonderama" shows before a studio audience of kids
on Sunday mornings. Sonny Fox became the fourth and most memorable host of
the series (next to Sandy) on Sunday, January 4, l959. Sonny taped his version of
"Wonderama", but unlike Bill he did the tapings of the show on Thursday
afternoons. Sonny would host the show until Sunday, August 6, l967. Bob
McCallister became the fifth and last adult host/performer of the show. Bob would
also tape "Wonderama" on Thursday afternoons during his ten year run as the
series host. He would also host "Wonderama" on weekday afternoons from Monday,
September 8, l969 to Friday, August 21, l970. Bob would continue to MC the
pre-taped Sunday morning version of "Wonderama" until he would leave the show
on Sunday December 25, l977 following disagreements with station management
over creative matters. The Bob McCallister version of the show would be
reruned for a year before WNEW-TV Ch. 5 would briefly replace the show with
reruns of "Spiderman", "Fantastic Four", "Space Ghost" cartoons and
"Tarzan" movies. On Sunday, October 5, l980, WNEW-TV Ch.5 revived the show as an
hour long and then as a half hour long newsmagazine and travelogue for
teens. The newsmagazine version of "Wonderama" was hosted by Laura
Condon, Alanea Brown, Bobby Clark, Dwight Williams, Pam Potillo,Claude
Brooks, Laura McDonald, & J.D. Roth. The show was on Sunday mornings until Sunday,
September ll, l985. It soon moved to a Saturday morning timeslot on Saturday,
Sepetmber l7, l985, where it remained in reruns until the show finally went off
the air on Saturday, September 5, l987."

--Kevin S.Butler