Video Clips (MPEG)

John O'Keefe has supplied the following files, which were taken from WNEW-TV's retrospective program "Forty Years of Fine Tuning". Sandy talks about how Hambone came to be, followed by early black-and-white footage and then a color clip featuring Hambone and the Hamboneers!

Clip 1  MPEG
Clip 2  MPEG
Clip 3  MPEG

"Forty Years of Fine Tuning" and several other tapes featuring Sandy can be ordered from Kinescope Video-- see the Links page for the address.


Click here for a silly outtake from one of Sandy's shows. He is preceded by Sonny Fox, who hosted Wonderama after Sandy left. Parental warning-- Sandy sez a cussword on this one!

More outtakes!

Special thanks to Ruthie Biermann for providing a clear copy of the blooper reel from which the following clips were taken!

Big Professor

Big Professor 2

7-Up commercial


Eliot Granger


Quite a lot of material relating to Sandy and WNEW/WABD is now available on YouTube; here is a small selection.

An extended clip from Sandy's WABD-TV program (Part 1 of 5)

"Off The Set" with Stewart Klein; an interview with Sandy, Soupy Sales, and Fred Scott (Part 1 of 3)

"Perspective On Greatness" (A documentary on Thomas Edison narrated by Sandy)

A short color clip of Hambone

Stick around for the station break after 1973's "NBC Follies" for one of Sandy's Tropicana commercials!