Q. I was a big, big fan of Sandy Becker. I watched his show every day on Ch. 5 when I was a kid. With all of these revivals on cable, why haven't I seen any of his reruns? What's he doing now?

--S. D. M., Queens

Becker says "the marvelous innocent days are gone," and that his shows are not syndicated "for reasons to complicated to get into." However, his protege, Craig Marin, who makes his own puppets just as Sandy did, has a new Sunday morning series on Ch. 5 called "D. J. Kat." "I'm very happy," Becker, 66, said in a phone chat from his Manhattan apartment. "My kids are all grown, and I spend much of my time in Florida and at my home out on the Island (East End), enjoying the comforts of life." His pet terrier Schatzie is long gone, but he now has a 2-year-old pet Doberman named Ubee. Becker is a cartoonist and an avid sculptor. He still does commercial voice-overs and is developing a children's show with a friend from his radio days as "Young Dr. Malone."

(CAPTION) Sandy Becker today and Ubee.