The Chariot Race 45

Sandy released an unusual children's record in connection with the 1959 film "Solomon and Sheba".

Side One:

Sandy explains the "Chariot Race Game" to be found on Side Two, then describes (with sound effects) the climactic battle between Solomon's army and the Egyptians. Four chariots race to be the first bringing news of the victory to Jerusalem...

Side Two:

...contains four separate grooves, each containing a different version of the race (narrated by Sandy) and each about 45 seconds in length. The object of the game is to guess which chariot will win; since the grooves are concentric, it is impossible to tell which one the needle will fall into, and so there is no way to tell how the race will turn out. Sandy suggests holding a series of races; the winner being the one with the most correct guesses.

Audio Files

Side One: Introduction
Track One

Side Two: Races
Track One
Track Two
Track Three
Track Four