Copy-side of WNEW-TV postcard for fans of "Sandy's Street"

One of Sandy's paintings

Black-and-white promo shot

A more recent shot (COLOR)

Sandy with a very young Linda Blair and her Heidi doll on set (live show)

Free-for-all with balloons!

Norton Was There: The Discovery of America

Sandy with Geeba Geeba

Sandy with Geeba Geeba and Humbug (from 'Sandy's Christmas Carol')

('Humbug' identified by Craig Marin)

Photos above courtesy of Mrs. Cherie Becker

Jingle Dingle advertising slide

Jingle Dingle Weather Station featuring some of the regulars!

Jingle Dingle photos courtesy of Craig Marin

"Here's a photo of me being interviewed on Sandy's show in 1959. Sandy was ill that day and guest Emcee, Tom Gregory, was chatting with me!" --Wayne Sandifer
Joe Horka, Jr. has supplied an ad from a 1955 TV Guide for The Sandy Becker Show and some puzzle pages from a 1958 issue of TV Junior, as well as a NYC schedule featuring Sandy's show.
Here's a picture of Christopher DeSantis with Sandy on the set of his show (taken around 1957).