I remember "Norton Nork" playing "Catch Max" in one skit. He
had clocks all over his house and he sent in his postcard to try and "Catch
Max". The problem was, when Sandy Becker called "Norton" on the
phone, "Norton", who was a mime character, couldn't speak. Hence.Sandy didn't
hear him and "Norton" lost the contest. Or so he thought. When "Max" snuck into
"Norton's" house he was attempting to steal "Norton's" TV set. (with the voice over
of Norton's Father Sandy saying.."Norton?.. Norton Nork... You'd better look
out for your TV set.. or you won't have a TV set anymore?") "Norton" looked
unconcerned until "Max" grabbed the TV set and then a net dropped from the
ceiling and "Norton" laughed as he saw "Max" struggling to try and get out
of the net. Which he couldn't; and then came on the voice of "Norton's Father", who
said, "Norton! You did it! You finally were able to Catch Max!" "Norton" smiled
and the VO of "Norton's Father" said, "That's my boy Norton Nork..You've done it
again!"  --Kevin Butler