"Mr. Becker, who launched his broadcast career with a radio job at WWRL in New York City, gained national attention by introducing the CBS soap opera, "Young Doctor Malone".

As a CBS staff announcer, Mr. Becker was heard on "Take It or Leave It", and "Kate Smith Speaks". He was also the announcer for "Ask the Camera" with Barbara Walters.

Mr. Becker was the host of some well-known children's shows, such as "Wonderama" beginning in 1955 on WABD-TV [later WNEW-TV]. He later made children laugh with his "Norton Nork" and "Big Professor" characters on "The Sandy Becker Show" and "Sandy Becker's Fun House"." --Associated Press

I might also add that he introduced "The Shadow" for several seasons in the 1950s. He also starred in "Young Doctor Malone" when its original star, Gary Merrill, left for Hollywood to appear in Twelve O'Clock High and marry Bette Davis. CBS conducted an enormous talent search, and Sandy was chosen for the part. When the show went from radio to television, Sandy declined to go with it, preferring to continue with his own television projects.

Sandy hosted "Wonderama", a Sunday-morning children's variety show, back when it was six hours long! It was later shortened to four hours, and Sandy was succeeded by Sonny Fox and Bob McAllister (McAllister hosted the show until it finished up in the late 1970s).

Click here for info on other WABD/WNEW hosts and here for more information about the hosts of Wonderama!

Other Shows:

Robert Montgomery Presents; Break the Bank with Bud Collyer; The Hit Parade.


Emmy Awards 1956, 1962, 1963

Radio T.V. Mirror Magazine award for "Favorite Daytime Radio Drama Actor" (for 5 years while playing Young Dr. Malone)

The Obvious Question:

Are there any videotapes of Sandy's show? Well, yes and no. Most of his shows were erased almost immediately after being shot, but some of the tech guys used to keep the outtakes. A box in WNEW-TV's sub-basement was marked as having tapes of the show in it, but it turned out to be empty. In the '70s a pirated version of Sandy's show (re-recorded onto 16mm film) was being broadcast in Rome, so maybe that's where the tapes went. Sandy's later TV shows went out live, so there were no tapes made at all.

What happened after Sandy's show went off the air?

In 1970, Sandy started an afternoon radio show on WNEW-AM in New York: click here for a look at the press kit!

He also did a huge amount of advertising work, which is something he had done throughout his career. Some of his accounts over the years included:

A partial(!) list of other advertising work:

Crest toothpaste, Joy dishwashing liquid, Ford Motors, Lincoln-Mercury, Folger's Coffee, Evian Water, 7-Up, Post Raisin Bran (as 'The Big Raisin'), Frigidaire, General Electric (after Ronald Reagan: 'Progress is our most important product'), Silly Putty...