E-Mail Dear Cherie,

I'd be honored if you'd use any or all of my letter. I really don't remember my exact words but I'm glad they had some significance to you. Sandy had a positive impact on generations of kids. Some of what I learned from him, I've tried to pass on to my son as well so Sandy continues to shape a new generation. If there's anything I can ever do for you, please don't hesitiate to let me know.



I was really saddened to hear of Sandy's death. I don't know if he realized the contribution he made to our generation, all those years ago. A friend e-mailed Christopher's tribute and it was great to revisit some of the lasting memories that Sandy created. I'm turning 49 in less than a month and I still remember watching Sandy as a 6 year old. I only wish I had the opportunity to tell him how much I appreciated his work, but thanks to the miracle of the internet I can let you know.



Hello, Mrs. Becker.

I learned only yesterday (while surfing the web) that Sandy had passed away last year. I was truly saddened to learn of his passing, and have fond memories (stretching back nearly four decades) of his warmth and humor.

I am nearly 47, and I have faint memories of Sandy hosting Wonderama on the old WABD...but stronger recollections of his morning and evening shows on WNEW. My late parents relocated us to Miami Beach in October of 1963, and I never saw Sandy Again until his "Prime Dog Food" spot in 1972.

The ranting of excitement upon viewing the spot while over a friend's house must have surely convinced my buddy that I lost my mind... : )

As a child, I wanted to be Sandy Becker! I had hand puppets, a phonograph conveniently nearby with my Bert Kaempfert 45's (thanks to Dad calling WNEW to ask about the songs for me), and I "performed" my make-believe show in the kitchen of our Brooklyn apartment.

Years later I almost had my hand on "Playtime On Pluto"...Norton Nork's theme... and recently rediscovered "Hambone" on a CD of rhythm and blues tracks from Okeh Records... talk about your life turning full circle!

I had always hoped for the opportunity to contact Sandy and thank him for all those wonderful childhood memories... including the commercials... (Carrots from Sacramento, CA, Fox's U-Bet, Bonomo Turkish Taffy)... and the fun times in front of the TV with him as my "video friend". God rest his soul, he was an inspiration for many who followed.

My only regret is that today's children of the technology age could not have seen and enjoyed the simple pleasures of a funny, creative man and "low tech" puppets. Two lines have stayed with me nearly forty years after hearing Sandy speak them:

[as Hambone:] "When you hear a lion roar...his feet may be sore!"

[as Norton Nork's off-screen advisor:] "Norton... TWIST your foot!" (Norton, endeavoring to learn "The Twist" tries to turn his foot in a circle...)

The passing of my mother last year was (of course) a deep loss. To learn another piece of my youth has been taken away is another bittersweet awakening.

No doubt, many New York "Baby Boomers" have e-mailed you with their comments. Let me join them in saying a little prayer for George Sanford Becker. He will be missed by many more than have been counted...


Jeff Levine

Mrs. Becker,

I ran across the SANDY BECKER page and had to let you know what your husband meant to me as a child growing up. Somehow no matter what was going on Sandy always would make the day better. I wish there were more people like him for today's children, on TV.

Thank You for your time.

John Kurta Jr.

Hello! I just found the website dedicated to Sandy Becker. He was so important to me while growing up. I can still hear his calm, sweet voice in the back of my mind. I remember him so well. I am now 42 years old, but still smile at my memories of his wonderful tv shows. He will always be a treasure in the hearts and minds of all of us New York baby-boomers!


Grace Franco

Dear Cherie,

Thanks SO MUCH for your reply,.. I'll order the cd from Amazon.com as I keep playing the sample snippets of it that are on the web site.

I even have implanted "That Happy Feeling" into the subconscious of a guest from Spain staying here.... I've explained how it was creatively used with the target audience of children (showed him Sandy's video clip) and now I honestly see him nodding his head to the rhythm as he wanders around the house.

Somehow I remember a part of Norton's routine to have a different melody.. I can still hear it so clearly.. oh well.. maybe it'll be on the CD somewhere....

Cherie,.. I think people from every walk of life, in every position of power who were children in New York, can still hold Sandy as a common Denominator ... obviously not a bad credential at all... 30 years from now we'll just have to see what kind of world the Nintendo Generation Grew up to Create........

Thanks again,

Ted Mandell

Hi Cherie,

I think it really is most gracious of you to provide your E-mail address as part of the web page of Sandy.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is simply struck and says "Wow"... after 35 years to hear a snippet of that Theme Song,... Honestly I heard it all day in my head and comically imagined it being piped in the subway trains PA system as all the other Wall streeters smiled and tapped their feet : )

Do you Know what was the theme to Norton Nork?.. where it could be found? Am I the only one who ever was implanted with its "Bop,... Bop Bop Bop,.. Bop Bop Bop Bop, Bop Bop," Jazz like beat ?

If you have any idea please let me know.

Much thanks in advance,

Ted Mandell

I just celebrated my 50th birthday. I wish I could thank him for helping me get here. Perhaps it's a blessing to you that so many hold wonderful memories of your departed in their hearts. What he did will never be done again. Think about just that if nothing else; I'm here to tell you, it counted.


Dear Mrs Becker.

I loved the Sandy Becker Show. Me & my sister would fight over the tv. Because she wanted to watch the Three Stooges & I wanted to watch The Sandy Becker Show. Do you have a video of the show? I like to buy the video of the show.

Harold Kravis

Hello , my name is Ralph Drake .

I really loved what your husband did in the young impressionable years of my youth. He taught me to look past the obvious. I have spoken of his shows between friends over the years. When ever I meet someone about my age who lived in the New York viewing area I always ask them (usually the first question after name... is Do you remember the Sandy Becker shows in the 1950's and 60's?

Well Mrs. Becker I do radio myself now and I am on a station that lets us do anything we want . I often try to incoraporate what I remember from Sandy's shows in my radio show . I'd love to speak with you some time . My show is broadcasted over the web on mondays at : www.wnti.org

I had to say hello after finding this page on the web by accident.


Ralph Drake /Program director at wnti-f.m.

Hello there,

Had a conversation with a friend recently, about the present state of children's television. Couldn't help but notice that just about all the cartoon shows presently in broadcast, have no host personality. This is a shame. Having grown up in the 60's, I remember personalities like your hubby, Sandy, reminding us kids to do such things as look both ways before crossing the street, brush our teeth after meals, etc. Sandy Becker was just about the most talented and beloved children's TV personality.

Saw a brief clip of him playing 'Hambone" on TV last week on a show about NY television. Oh, the memories.

As a personal aside, I recall one of the cartoons Sandy presented "Space Angel," whose rocketship, "Starduster," became kind of a personal Icon to me. I'm a private pilot now and I own an antique airplane. The airplane bears the name, "Starduster." I mention this because I want you to know that Sandy's influence lives on in ways you can't possibly keep track of. So many young lives were so delightfully touched.

God Bless,

Bob Coiro

Dear Cherie, You're so very welcome. I think of Sandy Becker and Norton Nork every time I have a bowl of wonton soup. And when I make home-made ice cream and reach for that little vanilla bottle, my little 6-year old daughter wonders why I chuckle out loud. Your hubby brought so much joy to my childhood. I wish I could thank him.

Keep in touch,

Bob Coiro

Dear Mrs. Becker,

Please forgive the intrusion.

I recently (re)discovered the "TV Party" Website and the area on Kid's TV shows of the 50s & 60s - especially the section devoted to your husband, Sandy Becker. The fond memories I have of him -- of watching his show and growing up with him - came flooding back to me in a rush, and I'm not ashamed to admit the lump in my throat and having to 'blink' quite alot as I played those few video clips over and over again. I hadn't seen Sandy's face or heard his voice (or his show's theme music) for more than 30 years, yet all were just as I remembered. And what memories they are.

I remember really liking Bob Keeshan and Chuck MacCann - alot - but I can recall the feeling that I actually LOVED Sandy Becker. And I still do. There was something about him that seemed different and unique from the various other children's show hosts, and it was something that I, as a kid, (and no doubt many others) was able to sense. Now, with 35 years or so of hindsight, it's obvious that what I sensed as was an unusual mixture of extreme intelligence, talent, humor, and HUMANITY. And manner. Of course, most 8 or 10-year-olds don't have a word for this; it was just something they felt. I know at least I did.

Needless to say, it was with shock and extreme sadness that I read of Sandy's passing. This was made even more profound (and haunting) by the fact that - just days before reading the news item (back in '96)- a friend had asked me if I knew "whatever happened to" Sandy Becker (I didn't). He also had fond memories of him. A few days later is when I came across the news of his death - in a newspaper I just happened to borrow from a co-worker during my lunch hour. I wasn't able to finish eating that day.

It is also with extreme sadness (and anger) that I discovered the infor- mation about WNEW recording over and thereby destroying all of "The The Sandy Becker Show" videotapes. I suppose it's understandable for a local TV station to want to "save money" by recording over some "unim- portant 'kiddie shows'" -- but was it necessary for them to erase EVERY SINGLE ONE!? By doing so, they also erased a part of my personal history, and countless others (not to mention Sandy's own family), and showed a reckless contempt for posterity - and their own station's history. (Really, I read about this in utter disbelief, my jaw hanging open.) Still, Sandy Becker will live on in the hearts and good memories of all those children - now '40 somethings' - who sat and watched and listened all those years ago, and who really, truly LOVED the guy. Like me. And perhaps someone should've reminded whoever it was responsible for erasing all those shows that The child IS father to the man.

Thank you for reading Mrs. Becker, and I hope you'll understand my desire to 'connect' with someone so close to Sandy.

Peace and Happiness to you.


Jeff DeBiasa

P.S. My wife doesn't remember watching Sandy (she's 3 years younger than me), but she's become a fan even now after looking at the website!


What a great Christmas gift, hearing back so fast!

The internet is an amazing thing... places where we can all live forever! (A friend ordered the Bert Kaempfert music for me for Christmas too, and I'm listening to "That Happy Feeling"-- the theme for Sandy's show-- as I type to you! I feel like a kid again! Now I gotta just track down HAMBONE somewhere!)

Say Hi to Geeba Geeba for me! And have a great 99!


Mrs. Becker:

It is a privilege to send you holiday cheer as a dedicated fan of Sandy's television shows in NY.

I have grown up to become the editor of SUPERMAN and BATMAN comic books. and Sandy's sense of fun as well as accomplishment in entertainment was a big influence on my life.

Happy and Merry to you and yours!


Mike Carlin

Executive Editor DC Comics/NY

Dear Mrs. Becker,

Pittsburgh is not even near The Island or The City so news travels slowly - but I grew up in Connecticut - the first TV show I ever watched at home (1955ish) was Sandy Becker. I grew up with him. So did my younger brothers and sisters. My youngest brother pointed me to a web site in memory of him. I was not aware he was gone.

I always enjoyed his shows - he seemed to understand children and made me want to be like him - warm, kind, understanding. I believe he made the world a better place.

Sincerely yours,

Steph Valentine

Dear Mrs. Becker,

Having grown up in New York and been an avid fan of your husband's, I have told countless people over the years about the show and the characters. My family cannot understand why I can even see a bottle of vanilla extract without saying "vaneella! vaneella!". Yesterday, I found we were out of vanilla extract and then I got to thinking that maybe I could find information about Sandy Becker on the web, which lead me to a site featuring your e-mail address.

I just wanted somehow to express my thanks for Sandy Becker.

Eydie Chase

Dear Cherie,

I am 47 years old and I watched Sandy's show every morning while I was getting ready for school. I remember Geba Geba and all that along with the novel way he would announce a station brake. From braking carrots in half to balancing two parakeets on the ends of his fingers while he signaled a braking action.

What I was hoping you could tell me was the early Wonderama theme song. It was a pirky instrumental, maybe a Barrel Organ or Calliope? A group of my friends and myself got a weeks dentention for doing the song in the boys locker room! (great accoustics there)