The Hambone Singles

"FYI, the Hambone theme that Sandy used dates from late 1962-early 1963. It was released on Okeh 7166. However, the original source for the theme dates back to 1952, released on Okeh 6862. Sandy modified it somewhat for his version. The original song included an instrumental bridge about a minute into the song that lasted about 20 seconds. That was deleted on Sandy's version. At the ending, during the whistling sequence, Sandy had it fade out. On the original release, it doesn't fade out. Missing on your on site recording is the "Hambone!" shout at the end, which was left intact from the original source. One more thing that Sandy added were the "yeah"'s following each Hambone rap sequence (they weren't on the original release). I've attached an MP3 of both versions connected, beginning with the 1952 original, and then the 1963 following, connected by overlapping (merging) the "Hambone!" shout at the end of the original with the "Hambone!" shout at the beginning of the newer edit. You'll also note that the volume on the second release was punched up a notch over the original."

"Here are the actual records where the audio was sourced from. As you'll see, credits were adjusted on the 7166 release making note of Sandy's Show. The original 1952 release identifies the Hambone Kids, one being Delecta Clark. In the later 1950's, he shortened his name to Dee Clark, where he had a few memorable Hits, including "Hey Little Girl", and later "Raindrops". FWIW, the original release was backed with "Boot 'Em Up", a jump instrumental by Red Sauders and his Orch.. The latter release was backed with "Rumble Mambo", an instrumental by Link Wray and the Wraymen. This same 7166 release was re-issued again in 1967, but given a new number (7282)."

--Fred Clemens